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Slater Legal PLLC provides robust and efficient counsel for creative and mission-driven ventures. We also help clients who have been harmed or harassed by trolls, bullies, scammers, and other bad actors.

We work in a lot of spaces to help our clients. These are the areas we focus on the most:

We help identify intellectual property issues, negotiate the use of intellectual property, and register and protect our clients’ trademarks and copyrights. We also defend our clients against copyright and trademark trolls and bullies.

We defend clients against bullies, former employers, and other critics of free speech in defamation actions in state and federal court. We also work to protect our clients’ anonymity online in connection with defamation suits and otherwise.

We pursue justice for victims of police misconduct and mistreatment in prison and jail.

We assist clients with requests under the Florida Public Records Act and Freedom of Information Act. We also litigate those requests when the government exceeds its authority or fails to timely act.

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James Slater, Founder

James started Slater Legal PLLC to break the mold of the traditional law firm model.

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