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We are experienced federal and state court litigators with a focus on defamation, particularly involving online speech. We defend individuals and entities against narcissists and bullies who use litigation in an effort to censor or harass. We also work to protect our clients anonymity online and have had success in beating back baseless defamation claims that contravene our clients’ First Amendment right to speak anonymously or pseudonymously on the internet.

Regardless of what side of the “v.” you’re on, litigation is not fun. It can be stressful and expensive. We want to help you achieve your goals while minimizing the stress and financial costs of litigation. Let us help protect your rights and do good.

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We really don’t like bullies!

If you are being bullied into deleting online posts or reviews we want to try to help you, even if you can’t afford a lawyer. That’s how much we hate bullies.

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